Friends are different things to different people.To my little sister,a friend is someone who likes to swim and ride bikes.My mom's idea of a friend is someone like Mrs. Smith who walksandtalkswithher every morning. My dad's friends are neighbors who helphim withthe work like building shelves and planting trees.

Steve, our monitor,is my bestfriend We go skating, play football,talk about sports,and go to a concert.When I broke my leg,healways came over to play games;in school, he carried my schoolbag forme and got my lunch for me. I knowI can always count onhim, and he alsoknowsthat he can count on me.

 Some friends may be inyour life for a while.Others will be there for a long time, maybe evenforever(永远). I would hate to move, unless I could take my friends withme They are too importantto leave behind.



对于不同的人(people),朋友(friend)意味着不同的(different)内容。对于我的小妹妹(little sister)来说,朋友是喜欢(like)游泳和骑自行车(ride bikes)的某个人(someone)。我妈妈的想法(idea)是朋友像(like)史密斯夫人一样可以每天早上陪她散步(walk)并交谈(talk)。我爸爸的朋友是帮他搭建架子(buildshelves)、种树(planttrees)或做其他活的邻居们(neighbors)。

我们的班长(monitor)史蒂夫是我最好的(best)朋友。我们去滑冰(goskating)、踢足球(play football)、谈论体育(talk about sports)、去听音乐会(go to a concert)。我摔断腿(leg)时,他就来我家玩游戏(game);在学校,他替我拿书包(schoolbag),并帮我打午饭。我知道我总能依靠(count on)他,他也知道他能依靠我。

有些(some)朋友可能(may)只在你的一生中停留一会儿(fora while)。另一些(others)则很长一段时间(fora long time)和你做朋友,甚至有可能(maybe)是终生的朋友。我憎恨(hate)搬家(move),除非(unless)我可以把朋友也带走。他们对我来说太重要了(tooimportant),我无法把他们留下(leavebehind)。



The “Deaf” Wife

A man is talking to the family doctor.“Doctor, I doubtwhether mywife's goingdeaf.”The doctoranswers,“Here’s something you can try on her to test herhearing. Stand some meters away from her and ask her a question.If shedoesn't answer, move a little closerand ask again Keep repeating this until she answers. Then you'llbe able to tell if she is deaf or not.”

The man goes home and begins to test hiswife's hearing. He stands by the wall and says,“My dear,what's for dinner?”He doesn'thear an answer, so he moves closer to her.“My dear, what's for dinner?”Stillno answer. He repeats this several times, until he's standing just a few feet awayfrom her.

 Finally,she answers,“For the eleventh time, I said we're having meat and rice!”



某人对他的家庭医生说,“医生,我怀疑(doubt)我妻子(wife)要聋(deaf)了。”医生回答说,“有个办法可以测试(test)她的听力。你站(stand)在离她几米远(some meters away)的地方,然后问她一个问题(question)。如果她不回答,你再走近点(a little closer),然后再问。如此重复(repeat)直到她听到为止。那时你就可以判断她是否聋了。”

这人回家后便开始测试他妻子的听力。他站在墙的旁边(by the wall)说,“亲爱的(dear),晚饭(dinner)吃什么?”他没听到回答,于是又朝妻子走近了些。“亲爱的,晚饭吃什么?”仍然(still)没有回答。他如此反复了几次(several times).直到他离妻子只有几英尺(a few feet)的地方。




We Really Don't Know

Jack had gone to the university to study his history,but atthe end of his second term, he failed his history exam,and he was told that he would be dismissedfromuniversity. However,his father decidedthat he would go to see the history professor(教授)to ask him to let Jack continue hisstudies the next year.

“He'sa good boy,”saidJack's father,“Please pardon him.If you let him pass this time, I'm sure he'll improve a lotnext year and pass the examinations at the end of it really well.”

“No, no,that's quite impossible!repliedthe professor immediately.Do you know, last month I asked him when Napoleon died,and he didn't know!”“Please, sir, give him another chance”said Jack's father.“Yousee, I'm afraid we don't take any newspapersin our house so we even don't know that Napoleon was ill recently.”



杰克去大学(university)里学习(study)历史(history),但在第二学期(term)末,他的历史考试不及格(hefailed his history exam).同时他还被告知将被开除(dismiss)。然而(however).杰克的父亲(father)决定去拜访那位历史学教授,请求教授让(let)杰克继续(continue)下一年的学业。

“他是个不错的男孩(boy)。”杰克的父亲(father)说,“请原谅(pardon)他吧!如果这次您能让他通过(pass),我确信(I'msure)他明年一定会大有长进(improvea lot);而且会在年终时真正地(really)很出色地通过考试。”


“先生,请再给他一次机会(givehim another chance)吧。”杰克的父亲说道,“您要知道,恐怕(I'mafraid)是因为我们家里没有报纸(newspaper)。因此我们甚至连拿破仑近来(recently)病了(ill)都不知道。”




 Everybody dreamsof doing something important. As a boy Raymond dreamed of being a scientist, in fact, he is a postman now.

Raymond is an active young man.He livesbythe saying(格言)“Ifyou can't live the life you love, Love the life you live”He greets everyone with a big smileand a friendly“Hi, howare you?”Andhe really wants to know! It's hardto fee! unhappy when we hear him whistling(吹口哨)happily up and down the street.

Raymond looksgood. His shirtand trousersalways look very clean.Afterwork, he likes going to the gymto takeexercise

Raymond is strictin his work He cares about thepeople on this street everyday, he knocks on Mrs. Jordan's door to ask for a drink of cool water. He's not really thirsty.Mrs. Jordanis old, and he just wants to make sure she'sokay.



每个人(everybody)都梦想(dream of)做些重要的事。雷蒙德小时候梦想成为一名科学家(scientist),实际上(in fact)他现在是一名邮递员(postman)。

雷蒙德是个积极主动的(active)年轻人。他信奉的格言是“如果你不能过你热爱的生活,那就热爱你所过的生活。”带着灿烂的微笑(smile),他向每一个人打招呼(greet),还来一句友好的(friendly)问候,“嗨,你好吗?”而且他确实想知道!当我们听到他欢快地吹着口哨在街道(street)上来来往往(up and down)时,想不高兴都难(hard)。

雷蒙德看起来(look)很不错。他的衬衫(shirt)和裤子(trousers)总是非常干净(very clean)。下班后,他喜欢去体育馆(gym)锻炼(take exercise)。




That's Why!

Jimmy started painting whenhe was three years old, and when he was five, he was already verygood at it. He also got many prizes for his painting. He paintedmany beautifuland interesting pictures,and people paid a lot of moneyfor them They said,“This boy's going to be famous whenhe's a little older, and then we’re going to sell these pictures for a lot more money.”

Jimmy's pictures were different fromother people's because he never painted it on all of the paper. He painted onhalf of it, and the other half was always empty.

“That's veryclever,”everybody said.“Nobody else does that!”They allbelieved that the boy was a pioneer inpainting.

One day, somebody bought one of Jimmy'spictures and then said to him,“Please tell me this, Jimmy. Why do you paint on the bottom halfof your pictures, but not on the top half ?”

“BecauseI'm small,”Jimmysaid,“andmy brushes don't reach veryhigh.”



吉米三岁开始画画(start painting),五岁时已经(already)画得相当好了。他还因此获得很多奖(many prizes)。他画了很多美丽(beautiful)有趣的(interesting)图画(picture)。人们付(pay)很多钱(a lot of money)买这些画。他们说:“这个孩子大一点后肯定会出名(be famous).到时我们可以靠这些画赚更多的钱。”

吉米的画不同于(be different from)他人的画,因为他从来不在整张纸上作画。他只在一半纸上画,另一半总是空的(empty)。

“这真是个聪明的(clever)做法!”大家都说,“没有其他人(nobody else)这么画过。”他们都认为这男孩堪称绘画艺术的先锋(pioneer)。

有一天,有人买了吉米的画,然后问:“请告诉我,吉米,你为什么总是在纸的下半部分(bottom half)画而不在上半部分(top half)画呢?”



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