66.The ABC of Kongfu

Follow the instructions carefully. There are no pictures here, only step by step instruction. Also, I hope this article will help those who haven't the chance to go to a club for Chinese Kongfu training. You may practice anywhere, but let me offer some suggestions before we begin.If you are practicing a form, you will need enough room. However, you may always practice parts of the form when there is no enough space. The height of theceiling is not importanteither. Even if you have to keep your knees bent(弯曲)in order not to hurt your head, that is in fact good in your training. A dirty basement(地下室) corner may be cleaned-and perhaps an old mirror can be placed on a chair for corrections. You don't need a lot of light, either. What is important is to wear big warm clothing and flat shoes such as cheap cotton tennis shoes.




如果你在练习招式,你需要足够的空间。但如果没有足够的空间,你也可以一直练习部分招式。天花板(ceiling)的高度(height)也不重要(not important either)。即使(even if)你为了不伤着头部而不得不弯着膝盖(knee),要知道,这实际上在你的训练中也是有好处的。可以清理一下脏乎乎的地下室角落(corner)——也许椅子上可以放一面旧镜子(mirror)用于改正。你也不需要很多的灯。重要的是穿着宽松温暖的衣服和平底鞋(flat shoes),如便宜的棉布(cotton)网球鞋。


67.The First African-American First Lady

Barack H. Obama, the 44th President of the United States, has become the number one hero in the heart of Americans. His wife Michelle Obama serves as First Lady. The position of First Lady carries no official(官方的) duties, so each First Lady has served her country according to(按照) her own wishes and interests. Some have played an active role in policy-making.On April 3 in London, U. S First Lady told children at a North London school that being smart is cool, and education is the most important thing in life. She spoke to the students, "If you want to know the reason why I am standing here, it's because of education." She told the 100 young girls,"I never cut class. I loved getting A's, I liked being smart. I thought being smart is cooler than anything in the world. "She tried to lift their spirits and asked the girls to believe their dreams.



巴拉克·奥巴马,美国第44任总统(president),已经成为美国人心中排名第一的英雄(hero)。他的妻子米歇尔·奥巴马任第一夫人。第一夫人的职位(position)没有官方义务,因此每位第一夫人都是按照自己的意愿和兴趣为国家效劳。有一些第一夫人曾在政策制定(policy-making)中起到积极的作用(play an active role in)。




68.Japanese Poem Card Game

The Karuta(歌留多) game is atraditionalJapanesegame. What is Karuta? Karuta is a Japanese word for a game which is playedeverywhere. It's really quite simple:1.Layall thecardsface down on the table or floor.2.The students put their hands on their heads.3.The teacher calls out one of the cards.4.The first student to "snap"(抢夺) the card keeps it.5.When there are no more cards, the winner is the person with the most.This game usually works well withpronunciation.AJapanesepoemcard game was held in Beijing on Saturday.This was also a Karuta game.

More than ascoreof Chinese college and middle school students and adozen Japaneseprimaryschool student,joined in the Karuta (歌留多) game.The Chinese students were from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing University of Science and Technologyand some other universities.They tried torecitesome of the poems written on the cards.A third-year college student felt she wasluckyshe got the victory.Her teamwonthe first place.

The students from two countries played together and were friendly to each other.











二十(score)多位中国大学生和中学生以及十二(dozen)位日本小学生(primary school students)参加了这次歌留多比赛。

这些中国学生来自北京外国语大学、北京科技(science and technology)大学和其他一些学校。他们尽力背诵(recite)写在卡片上的一些诗歌。一位大三的学生觉得自己能获得胜利(victory)很幸运。她的队赢得第一名(win the first place)。



69.Taking a Shower

Taking a shower can make you cleaner and healthier. Before taking a shower, remember to place your clothes in an area where they will not get wet. The toilet is not the best place, as it can provide a place for germs (细菌). Also, check the temperature, and as soon as the temperature is correct, carefully step into the shower, and then begin to wash your body.A shower can be very relaxing at the end of a day, or in the very beginning of a new day. But if you want to enjoy your shower to the highest degree, please read on to find out!1. Prepare the bathroom. Make the room smell good, possibly light some candles and turn off the lights, whatever you feel makes a relaxing environment.2. Prepare your favorite drink such as juice, milk and wine! Use a plastic or metal drink container(容器) with a cover. Do not use a container made of glass! If it falls, the pieces could hurt you.3. Remember to take deep breaths, and that your primary aim here is to relax, so do not think anything unhappy.

4. Believe that you are in your own little world, and, especially, enjoy the water.

5. Buy a shower radio, so while taking a shower you can listen to music at the same time.

6. If you feel you need it, sing aloud!



洗淋浴(take a shower)可以让你更干净更健康。在洗淋浴之前,记着把你的衣服放在不会受潮的地方。卫生间(toilet)不是最佳的地方,由于它会为细菌提供场所。此外,检查温度(temperature),水温一旦合适,就小心地走进去,然后开始洗(wash)你的身体了。


1. 把浴室(bathroom)准备停当。让房间闻起来很好,也许可以点上一些蜡烛然后关灯(turn off the lights),无论什么只要你感觉有一个令人放松的环境(a relaxing environment)就好。

2. 准备你最喜欢的饮品如果汁、牛奶或酒(wine)!使用一个塑料的(plastic)或金属的(metal)饮料容器,带盖的。不要用玻璃制的容器。如果跌落了,碎片有可能会伤到你。

3. 记着做深呼吸(take deep breaths),在这里你的首要目的(primary aim)就是放松,因此不要去想任何不开心的事。

4. 相信你是在你自己的小世界里,尤其是要享受水。

5. 买一个浴室收音机,这样在你洗澡时,还可以同时(at the same time)听音乐。

6. 如果你感觉需要唱歌,那就大声唱(sing aloud)吧!


70.On Jupiter

We do not yet know if the planet Jupiter(木星) has a solid surface. Jupiter's clouds are thought to be about 30 miles (50km) thick. Jupiter has sixteen moons.Jupiter is easy to find very early in the morning in the sky. Walk outside before the sun rises, and look south and up. Jupiter shines more brightly than everything around it. Small telescopes(望远镜) have no trouble seeing Jupiter's cloud belts(云带) and its four largest moons.



我们尚不知道木星这颗行星(planet)是否有固体的表面(solid surface)。木星的云据认为有30英里(mile)(50公里)厚。木星拥有十六颗卫星(moon)。



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