41.A Cockroach in Our Classroom

 What would you do if you found a cockroach in your classroom? Would you cry? Would you laugh? Or would you just sit there and do nothing? Inmy class we did all those.Suddenly I heard a terrible cry from one of the girls. My heart missed abeat.I heard another cry. I am nowthinking to myself “what is going on”! Then there it was! It was at least aninchand a half long, just a little cockroach! Now this was the first time I had seen in real life, but from all the pictures and the movies I had seen in the past, I could tell it was a cockroach.My teacher quickly ran tofetchsome paper towels. To be honest, I didn’t think that window cleaner could help. I was wrong. The little cockroach got a big drop of “The Window Cleaner”, and lying on the floor,did not move.Well that was just the beginning.Ok, here is the whole story.My teacher walked over to the, now not moving, cockroach.If you have a weak stomach, I am warning you now...she stepped on it.I don't know if you have seen the movies where someone steps on the cockroach and you hear a loud “CRUNCH”(嘎扎嘎扎的压碎), but I can tell you right now that those movies are one-hundred percent true.I was laughing so hard that I was crying.I looked around the classroom. Some of my friends were laughing too.Of course the girly girls were crying and some of the other kids thought it was no big deal and just sat there reading their books.My teacher was not very happy to find out that she was the one who had to clean up the dirty place.Most people will not realize that when you step on a cockroach it will make a terrible sound you may not want to hear.So when you ever go to kill a cockroach, watch out for “THE CRUNCH”.



如果发现你的教室里有一只蟑螂你会怎么做?你会大叫吗?会大笑吗?或者你只是坐在那里什么也不做(do nothing)吗?在我们教室里,以上种种行为全都有。

突然间我听到一个女孩的可怕的叫声。我的心跳(beat)停了一下。我又听到一声喊叫。我心想(think to oneself)“发生什么事了(what is going on)”,接着我看到了!是一只至少(at least) 一英寸(inch)半长的小蟑螂!这是我第一次在真实的生活中看到。以前在图片里和电影(movie)里看到过,因此我知道那是一只蟑螂。

我们的老师快速跑去拿来(fetch) 一些纸巾(paper towel)。说实话(to be honest),我本以为窗户(window)清洁剂不会起什么作用,但我错了。这只小蟑螂被淋了一大滴“窗户清洁剂”,躺在地板上(lie on the floor),不动(move)了。


我不知道你是否看过这样的电影,某人踩到蟑螂上,然后你听到响亮的“嘎扎嘎扎”声,但现在我告诉你那些电影是百分之百(one-hundred percent)的真实。

我笑的眼泪都要出来了。我环顾教室,我的一些朋友也在笑。当然,一些娇弱的女孩正在大喊大叫,其他一些孩子认为不是什么大事(no big deal)。只管坐在那里看书。

我们的老师不太高兴,她发现她是唯一要善后打扫(clean up)这个脏(dirty)地方的人。

大部分人没有意识到(realize)当你踩蟑螂时会发出一种可怕的你不想听到的声音(sound)。因此,你要杀死一只蟑螂时,当心(watch out)那“嘎扎嘎扎”的声音。


42.This Is My Supper

Miss Green ate a lot for every meal, and she liked eating meat, especially pork and beef. So she was very fat. She weighed 100 kilos and she got heavier every month.One day she went to see a doctor. The doctor said, “You have to go on a diet(节食), Miss Green “. He gave her a small book and said, “This is a book on how to lose your weight. Please eat the things on page 11 every day. Then come back and see me in two weeks.Miss Green came again two weeks later, but she wasn't thinner. She was much fatter.The doctor was surprised and said, “Are you eating the things on page 11 0f the small book?" "Yes, doctor “She answered. The next day, the doctor visited Miss Green when she was having her meals. “Miss Green,”he said, “Why are you eating potatoes and dumplings? They are not on the list of your diet.“But doctor,”Miss Green answered, “I ate my diet at lunch time. This is my supper.Funny enough! That's why Miss Green is getting fat. But since then, Miss Green has made up her mind to lose weight, and she has made an effort to follow the doctor’s advice.




一天,她去看医生。医生说:“你必须要节食,格林小姐”,他递给她一本小书,然后说:“这是一本关于如何减轻体重(lose weight)的书。你每天只吃第11页(page)中所列出的食物。两周后再来医院。”


真有趣!那就是格林小姐更胖的原因了。但从那以后,格林小姐就下定决心(make up one's mind)要减肥,还努力(make an effort to do)遵循医生的建议。


43.Two Travelers

Two men were going along a lonely road and talking of what they would do if a bear or wolves attack(进攻)them. “Never fear,”said the larger one, “I can protect myself and you too, so there will be no danger. There is nothing in the forest for any man to fear, except a hungry bear, and I'd like to meet the bear that could be amatch for me.”Just at that time, a huge bear appeared in the road and moved towards the two men.The two men ran for a tree. The one who had spoken so bravely reached it first and climbed to safety. The smaller man,being left to face the bear alone, threw himself on the ground and lay as if dead. When the bear came up, he smelt the man on the ground and went away. Then the larger man came down from the tree and said, “What did the bear say in your ear? You seemed like old friends.“Oh,”the other answered, “he told me never to trust a boaster(自夸者)”




“不要害怕(fear),”个头较大的那人说,“我可以保护咱们俩,不会有危险(danger)。在那片森林里没有什么好怕的,除了(except) 一头饥饿的熊之外。我倒是想碰到一只能成为我对手(match)的熊”。


这两个人向一棵树跑去。之前讲话很勇敢(bravely)的那个人先跑到树下,然后爬到一个安全(safety)位置。个头较小的人现在要独自面对那只熊,于是他就躺在地上,仿佛(as if)死了(dead) 一样。当那只熊走近时,它闻了闻地上的那人,然后离开了.接着个头较大的人从树上下来,问,“那只熊在你耳朵(ear)边说什么呢?你们看起来像是老朋友一样。”“哦,”另一位回答道,“它告诉我决不要信任(trust)吹牛者”。


44.People Around the World Communicating in English

In only fifty years, English has developed into the language most widely spoken and used in the world.English is the working language of most international organizations(组织), international trade and tourism (旅游业).Businessmen and tourists often come to China without being able to speak Chinese.Chinese businessmen, taxi drivers and students talk with them using English.English is also the language of world culture, such as pop music and the Internet. You can listen to English songs on the radio or use English to communicate with people around the world through the Internet.With so many people communicating in English every day, it will become more and more important to have a good knowledge of English.



在短短五十年间,英语已发展成为(develop into)世界上说的最多、使用最广泛(most widely)的语言(language)。英语是大部分国际组织、国际贸易(international trade)与旅游业的工作语言。

生意人与游客(tourist)经常来到中国却不会讲汉语。中国商人、计程车(taxi)司机以及学生就用英语和他们交谈。英语也是世界文化的语言,如流行音乐(pop music)以及互联网(the Internet)。你可以通过无线广播(on the radio)听英文歌曲(song)或用英语通过互联网与世界各地的人交流(communicate)。每天都有很多的人用英语交流,精通(have a good knowledge of)英语将变得越来越重要。


45.Travel Diary

Saturday, March 24thWe have arrived in the hot, wet city of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This is our first trip to Thailand. All the different smells make us want to try the food. We are going to eat something special for dinner tonight. The hotel room we booked is cheap, but very clean and tidy. We plan to stay here for a few days, visit some places like the Palace in the city and then travel to Chiang Mai in the North.Tuesday, March 27thBangkok is wonderful and surprising! The places are interesting. We visited the famous market which was on water, and saw a lot of fruits and vegetables. Everything is so colorful, and we have already taken hundreds of photos with our new cameral. Later we will leave for Chiang Mai. We will take the train north, stay in Chiang Mai for two days, and then catch a bus to Chiang Rai.

Friday, March 30th

Our trip to Chiang Rai was long and boring. We visited a small village in the mountains.The village people here love the quiet life——no computers or phones. They arethe kindest people I have ever met. I feel good here and hope to be able to come back next year.




我们到达(arrive in)炎热潮湿的曼谷,泰国的首都(capital)。这是我们首次宋到泰国。各种不同的气味不禁让我们产生品尝这些食物的欲望。今晚我们打算吃点特别的晚餐。我们预订(book)的那家旅馆(hotel)虽然便宜,但干净整洁(tidy)。我们计划在这里逗留(stay)几天,游览这座城市里的宫殿(palace)等一些景点,然后去北部的清迈。


曼谷美妙而令人惊异!这些地方很有趣。我们参观了著名的水上市场,看到很多水果和蔬菜。一切都很鲜艳(colorful),我们已经用我们的新相机(camera)拍了好几百张照片(hundreds of photos)。之后我们将出发前往(leave for)清迈。我们将乘北去的列车,在清迈呆两天,然后赶公交车(catch a bus)去清莱。


我们去清莱的旅程长而枯燥(boring)。我们游览了山里的一个小村庄(small village)。这里的村民喜欢安静的生活一没有电脑和电话。他们是我所见过的最友好的(the kindest)人。在这里我感觉很好,希望明年还能再来这里。


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