36.A Careless Couple

    Mr. and Mrs. Long have a poor memory, and they are also very careless. Comparedwith the careless parents, their daughter Linda is quite different. Linda is very careful in doing things. If Mr. and Mrs. Long can act carefully and remember tocheck their work, they’ll not cause so much trouble in their life.One summer they plan to fly to New York for a visit. They get to the airport only ten minutes before the plane leaves. So time is short. But suddenly Mrs. Long says she must tell Linda, their daughter, not to forget to lock the front door when she leaves for school in the morning. As Linda is then at school, they can't reach her on the phone. So the couple hurries to the post office. Mrs. Long writes a short note to Linda, while Mr. Long buys a stamp and an envelope(邮票). Soon the note is ready.They put the stamp on the envelope and drop it in the letter box in a hurry. But suddenly Mrs. Long begins to cry. The short note to her daughter is still in her hand.She has put their plane tickets in the envelope!




有一年夏天,他们打算乘飞机(fly)到纽约去旅游。他们在飞机(plane)起飞前10分钟才到达机场(get to the airport),所以时间很仓促。忽然朗夫人说她必须告诉女儿琳达早上去上学时别忘记锁(lock)前门。因为琳达那时还在学校,所以他们无法给她打电话。于是,夫妇俩急忙赶到邮局(post office)。朗夫人写便条(note)。朗先生去买邮票(stamp)。很快便条准备好了(ready),他们忙乱地在信封上贴上邮票,然后投进(drop)邮筒。但突然间朗夫人哭了起来,原来给女儿的便条还在她手里,而他们的飞机票却被塞进了信封!


37.Protecting Your Teeth

George Washington had many great successes in his life, but he didn't succeedin keeping his own teeth! Back then, many people lost their teeth, But modern people know how to protect their teethThe most important thing is to brush your teeth. By keeping the teeth clean you will not have a toothache or other tooth disease.One other important thing is to eat right. For example, milk andcheese give teeth calcium(钙), which they need to be strong. Fruits and vegetables also help by providing VA and VD. On the other hand, sweet food is bad for teeth.So brush your teeth and eat right. They are the basic things you should do to protect your teeth. If you do the things, you'll be able to have good teeth for your whole life. That’s one success that even George Washington didn't have!






因此,要刷牙、正确饮食。要保护牙齿,这些是你应做的基本的(basic)事情。如果你这样做,你的一生(yourwhole life)都会拥有好牙齿,那可是乔治·华盛顿都没有获得的成功哦!


38.American classroom Rules

1.If theteacherasks a question, you should give an answer. If you do not understand the question, you should raise your hand and ask the teacher to repeat the question.If you do not know the answer, it is all right to tell the teacher that you do not know.Then the teacher knows what you need to learn.2.There is noexcusefor not doing yourhomework.If you areabsent,you should call your teacher or someone who is in your class and ask for the homework. It is yourduty tofind out what homework you have missed. It is not the teacher's duty to tell you the missing homework.3.You must not be absent on a test day. Serious illness is the only reason for missing a test.4.Beon time! It is considered not polite to be late. Also, it disturbs other classmates. If you must come in late, be sure to do itquietly.In the U. S it is not necessary to knock before youenter the classroom.Most of the teachers will give you a low grade if you are often late.5.Have yourtextbookout andbe ready to begin when the class starts. Be sure you have a paper and a pencil ready.6.In America, you should call your teacher by his or her last name, not“teacher”. Also you should use Mr., Miss, Ms. or Mrs. before the last name (such as Mrs. Smith or Mr. Jones). This is considered polite.7.Be polite to other students. If another student is answering a question or giving areport,you should listen quietly and give them your attention.8.It is considered impolite in the U.S. to eat, drink or chew gum(嚼口香糖) during class.Also,taking off one's shoes in the classroom is not polite.9.If you must leave during class, do so quietly. There is no need to tell the teacher.However, leaving the class for something instead of an emergency (紧急情况) is not accepted.10.Copying another student's test or paper is never accepted. It is calledcheating.At most schools in the U. S , students who cheat will be dismissed.



1、如果老师(teacher)提问题,你应该回答。如果你不明白问题,你应该举手(raise your hand)让老师重复问题。如果你不知道答案,可以告诉老师你不知道。老师会知道你需要学习什么。

2、不可以找借口(excuse)不做家庭作业(homework)。如果缺席了(absent),就应该给老师或听课的同学打电话,问作业。查明(find out)缺课时的作业是你的责任(duty),老师没有责任要提醒你作业。


4.要准时(on time)!迟到被认为是不礼貌的。而且,这也会打扰其他同学。如果你不得不迟到,一定要安静地(quietly)进教室(enter the classroom),在美国,进入教室前不必敲门。如果你经常迟到,多数老师会给你低分(a low grade)。

5、课前要拿出课本(textbook)为开始上课做好准备(be ready),你一定要准备好纸张和铅笔(pencil)。



8、在美国,在上课期间(during class)吃东西、喝饮料或嚼口香糖是不礼貌的。在教室脱鞋(take off )也是不礼貌的。




39.Very Pleased to Meet You

During World War Two, a lot of young women in Britain(英国) were in thearmy.Joan Phillips was one of them. She worked in a bigcamp,and of course met a lot of men, officers, and soldiers. One evening she metCaptainHumphreys at adance.Joan also played thepiano there. They had a very good time. Captain Humphreys said to her,“I'm going abroad tomorrow, but I'd be very happy if we could write to each other.”Joan agreed. Then Captain Humphreys went to aforeign country.And they wrote for several months.Then his letters stopped, but she received one from another officer, telling her that he had beenwoundedand was in a certain army hospital in England.Joan went there and said to the matron(护士长),“I've come to visit captain Humphreys.”“Only family members are allowed to visit patients here,”the matron said.“Oh, that's all right,”answered Joan“I'm his sister.”“I'm pleased to meet you,”the matron said,“I'm his mother!”



二战(World War Two)期间,英国的许多年轻妇女在军队(army)服役。琼·菲利普斯就是其中的一个。她在一个大军营(big camp)里工作,自然结识了许多男士,既有军官,也有士兵。


一天晚上,琼在舞会(dance)上认识了汉弗莱兹上尉(captain)。琼还在那里演奏了钢琴(piano)。他们玩得很高兴.汉弗莱兹上尉对她说:“明天我要出国(go abroad)。如果我们能给彼此写信(write to each other),我将非常高兴。”琼同意了。然后,汉弗莱兹上尉去了国外(a foreign country)。他们书信来往,数月不断。



“这里只允许病人(patient)的家庭成员(family member)探望他们。”护士长说。


“很高兴认识你(I'm pleased to meet you)。”护士长说:“我是他母亲。”


40. Keys? Kiss?

    Mycousinwas giving an English lesson to a class of adults(成年人). They had recently come to live in America. My cousin placed many daily objects on a table. There was apen,a ruler, an eraser,atape,apieceofchalk,a newspaper, a magazine,amap,a table tennis ball and so on. Then she asked every member of the class to give her an object as they were told. The class went very smoothly and the students seemed interested and serious about the work. But when my cousin said to an Italian(意大利的)student,“Give me the keys,”the man looked surprised. Seeing this, my cousin thought that the student hadn't heard her clearly,so she repeated,“Give me the keys.”The Italian student seemed a little shy, and then he threw hisarms around the teacher's neck andkissedher on both cheeks(脸颊).



我的表妹(cousin)在给一个成人学生班上英语课,他们都是最近搬来美国生活的。我的表妹在一张桌子上放置(place)了很多日常物品(daily object),其中有一支钢笔(pen)、一把尺子、一块橡皮(eraser)、一盒磁带(tape)、一支粉笔(a piece of chalk)、一份报纸、一本杂志(magazine)、一张地图(map)、一个乒乓球(table tennis ball)以及其他物品。她让班里的每个成员按她的吩咐给她所要的物品。课进行得很顺利(smoothly),学生们对这个工作看起来很感兴趣也很认真。但是当我的表妹对一名来自意大利的学生说,“给我钥匙”时,那人看起来很吃惊。看到这,我的表妹以为他没听清楚(clearly),于是又重复了一遍,“给我钥匙。”那位意大利学生看起来有点害羞,然后,他伸出胳膊(arm)搂住老师的脖子(neck)。在她的双颊上亲吻(kiss)了两下。


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