I Did a Silly Thing

A few years ago, when my family moved to this city, I became interested in soap-box race That's when Idiscoveredthat“it isfareasierto start something than it is to finish it.”

Dad bought a set of tools to make aracingcarfor me I just couldn't wait, and one day, while Dad was at work, I decided to have my car going. I looked at the drawings,and Isaid to myself,“Dude, you can do this.”I gotout Dad's toolbox, and I started building. Part A fit intoPart B Part C was a little harder to connectto Part D. It was easy to fix Part E. By the time I got to Part G. I'd made a real mess(混乱)of things. Ireally regrethavingdone such asillything.

What did I learn from this experience?Now Iknow that before I start something, I shouldknow how to finish it.



几年前,我们搬到这座城市时,我对肥皂(soap)箱(box)赛车比赛(race)产生了兴趣。就是在那时我发现(discover)了“开始做某件事要比完成它容易地多(far easier)”(即“开始容易结束难”)的道理。爸爸买了一套工具(A setof tools)要给我做一辆赛车(racing car)。我是急不可耐,然后有一天,爸爸在上班(be at work)时,我决定让我的小车转起来。我看着图纸(drawing)。对自己说,“都德,你可以做到。”我拿出了爸爸的工具箱,接着就开始造车了。零件A适合(fit)零件B。零件C连接(connect)到零件D就有点难度。零件E很容易安装(fix)。到我开始零件G时,我已经把事情弄的一团糟。我真的后悔(regret)做了这么一件傻(silly)事。这次经历(experience)让我学到了什么呢?现在我知道了在我开始做某事之前,我应该知道该如何完成它。



Today I reada book aboutsnakes.I found some interesting facts,especially somesurprisingfacts in it Did you know that some big snakes arestrongenough to kill a pig or agoat?All snakes eat animals.Withoutsnakes, the world wouldprobably be filled withratsandmice.

You probably didn’t know that snakessmell with their noses and their tongues.Some snakes are even longer than an elephantor agiraffe!

This book made me think alot about snakes.Most snakes don't hurtpeople, but some aredangerous.I'm thinking if I saw a snake,would I know if it was dangerous?


今天我读(read)了一本关于蛇(snake)的书。我发现其中有一些有趣的事实,尤其(especially)是一些令人吃惊的(surprising)事实。你知道吗?一些大蛇很强壮(strong)足以杀死一头猪或一只山羊(goat)。所有的蛇都吃动物。如果没有(without)蛇,这个世界很可能(probably)充满了(be filled with)老鼠(rats and mice)。你很可能不知道蛇是用它们的鼻子和舌头(tongue)来闻气味(smell)的。有的蛇甚至比一头象(elephant)或一只长颈鹿(giraffe)还长!这本书让我想了很多关于蛇的事情。大部分蛇不伤害(hurt)人,但有些是危险的(dangerous)蛇。我在想如果我看到一只蛇,我是否会知道它是危险的?


A Call from the Secretary

Mr. Young was a boss, and he worked hard. Seldom did he have a vacation. His wife was afraid that he would get sick if he continued like that, so she suggested to him taking a vacation. At last Mr. Young agreed. But she was afraid that he might be disturbed by his company, so before they left, Mrs. Young went to see her husband's secretary. Mrs. Young told her,“My husband needs a vacation very much, so whatever happens; please don't disturb him with letters or telephones while were away. Just wait until we get back.”

Then on a pleasant morning, after Mr. and Mrs. Young had been away about a week, when the couple was having a picnic and eating their hamburger, Mr. Young received a phone call from his secretary, she said,“Something terrible has happened to your business, but I remember what Mrs. Young told me. so I'm not going to disturb you with it now while you're enjoying your vacation Bye-bye!”



杨先生是个老板(boss)。他工作很辛苦,很少(seldom)休假(have a vacation)。杨夫人担心他这样工作下去会生病(get sick).就建议(suggest)他去休假。最后,杨先生同意了。但杨夫人担心公司(company)有可能会打扰(disturb)他,因此,在他们出发前,扬夫人去会见了他丈夫(husband)的秘书(secretary)。她对秘书说:“我丈夫非常需要休息,所以我们不在的时候,无论发生了什么事,请不要打电话或写信打扰他。一切等我们回来再说。”



My Collection of Sea Shells

Every summer my family goes tothe beach I dig in thesandandsearch forseashells(贝壳).

I've collected many shells sofar. They have different colors: orange,silver,purple,gray(灰色), brown... Some arecommon,others are unusual. I have a shell which is like abird's wing,and one of my shells is like a whale'seyes.

Last year, myeldersister helped me put all my shells in mydrawersandon my desk.When I see them, Iwill remember the fun I have at the beach.



每年夏天我们家都去海滩(beach)。我在沙子(sand)里挖掘(dig)寻找(searchfor)海贝(sea shell)。

到目前为止(so far)我已经收集了许多贝壳。这些贝壳颜色各异:桔色、银色(silver)、紫色(purple)、灰色、棕色(brown)……有些是常见的(common)贝壳,有些是不寻常的。我有一个像鸟(bird)翅膀(wing)的贝壳,还有一个贝壳像鲸(whale)的眼睛。




BreakfastIs Important

One of the most important mealsof theday is breakfast. People should alwayseat a good breakfast tokeepwell. Eating the right food isnecessaryfor goodhealth. Youshould eat different kinds offood in order to keep a goodhealth

A good breakfast should includeeggs,bread,milk,andso on By eating breakfast everymorning, you may feellivelyin the morning's workSteppingout into the morning airafter agood breakfast will makeyoufeel wonderful.

Withoutbreakfast, children may not grow as fast as they should and may notstudy and play as well in school in the morning as they could. They may have more sickness, and whenthey are sick, it may takethem longer time to get well than children with good healthhabits.

Foodprovidesenergyfor thebody.Without food the bodyoperationwill slow down.So you must eat breakfast to keep well and do your best each morning.



一天中最重要的一餐(meal)是早餐。人们必须吃好早餐来保持健康(keep well)。正确的饮食是良好的健康(health)所必需的(necessary).为了(in order to)保持良好的健康,你应该吃各种不同的食物。

优质的早餐应包括鸡蛋(egg)、面包(bread)、牛奶(milk)等(and so on)。每天吃早餐,你会感觉在上午的工作中充满活力(lively)。吃过营养全面的早餐后,走到外面(step out)呼吸清晨的空气,让你感觉(make you feel)美妙无比(wonderful)。

不吃早餐,孩子们就不会快速(fast)成长,上午在校时也无法学好、玩好。他们更容易生病,而且生病时,比起那些有良好健康习惯(habit)的孩子,可能要花更长的时间恢复身体(it may take them longer time toget well)。



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