The Jobs of Tomorrow

What kind of work do you wantto do when you are older? Many jobs mightinterest you. Two ofthem that have been around the longest are farmingand building. People who work withcomputershave newer kinds of jobs.

The jobs oftomorrowwillbe decided by what people need and want.When we decide which job to take, we need toget the necessaryinformationabout chances of jobs.The chances result from therelationsbetween thetotalpopulation,laborforce,and the need for goods(商品)andservices.




未来(tomorrow)的工作将由人们的需求决定。我们决定做何种工作时,我们需要得到有关工作机会的必要信息(information)。这些机会来自总(total)人口(population)、劳动力(labor force)和商品服务需求之间的关系(relation)。

提供(supply)健康护理的人可能找工作从来没什么问题。人们对有些人,如(such as)卡车司机(truck driver),也总是有需求。大部分有车一族会需要轿车服务(service),因此技工应该也很容易找工作。




To Stop Two Boys from Fighting

I am sixteen years old. I have a younger brother.My brother's name is Jim. Jim is ahandsomeboy and sometimes veryhumorous,he makes melaugha lot, and I love him and amproudof him

OneafternoonI was walking from myhouse to thestoreto buy someinkwhen I saw a small boyrunning along thestreettowardsme. He was running a thigh speed.When he came near me,I was surprised to see it was Jim

“Hi, Jim,”I shouted to him,“why areyou running like that?”

Jim didn't stop. He looked a bit nervous,and shouted to me,“I'm trying to stoptwo boys fromfighting.

I was surprised again I laughedand said,“That's an important job for a little boy,isn’t it?You don't do things like that very often Who are the two boys?”

“They'reTom and me,”answeredJim as he continued running down the street very quickly.



我十六岁,我有个弟弟(youngerbrother),名叫吉姆。吉姆是个英俊的(handsome)男孩,有时还特别幽默(humorous),逗得我笑(laugh)个不停。我很爱弟弟,为他感到骄傲(be proud of him)。

有一天下午(afternoon),我从家里出去到商店(store)买墨水(ink).这时见一个男孩沿着(along)马路朝(toward)我跑(run)来,男孩以很快的速度(at high speed)跑着,跑近时,我惊讶地发现竟是吉姆。


吉姆没有停下脚步,他看上去有点紧张(a bit nervous),他对着我喊道,“我在设法阻止两个男孩打架(stop … from fighting)。”




33.Buying a House

    As housepriceshave risen too much these years, many people find it hard toafforda house. But all the people who do not have a house dream of the day when they‘ll pick up the keys to their own home. The idea of owning a home is wonderful.Buying a house will cost you a lot of money, so never do itin a hurry. Whatever themarketconditionis, when you areplanningto buy a house,there are many things to consider,whatever yourintentionis, to buy or only rent(租).After all, it is going to be your home,perhapsfor quite a long time, and you want to be happy with it. You have to decidecorrectlywhat kind of house you want, how much you can afford to pay, and the type ofareayou wish to live in. However, it's always easy to forget all above, because it's most probably that you'llfall in love with the house for sale when you first see it.



这些年由于房价(house price)上涨过多,许多人发现很难买得起(afford)房子。但所有无房者都梦想有一天拿起他们自己家(their own home)的钥匙(key)。拥有(own)一个家的想法太美妙了。

买房子会花费你很多钱,因此决不能匆忙(in a hurry)。无论市场条件(market condition)如何,你在计划(plan)购房时都要考虑很多事情,无论你的意图(intention)如何,买还是只租。毕竟(after all)这要成为你的家了,或许(perhaps)会在里面住上很长一段时间,你当然想开心地在房子里生活。那么,你必须正确地(correctly)做决定,你想要什么样的房子,你能担负得起什么样的房子,以及你希望住在什么类型的区域(area)。然而,人们又很容易忘记(forget)以上所有问题,因为很可能当你第一次看到出售中的房子,你就会爱上它(fall in love with it)。


34.Jimmy and His Son's Funny Stories

    Jimmy is our new neighbor. He speaks with strangeaccent,but we like to talk with him. He told me an interesting story about himself.He said he liked growing flowers in hisgardenin hissparetime. And one Sunday morning, after breakfast heput on his old clothes and began digging in his garden. He dug and dug. After half an hour he suddenly found a coin near his foot. He put it in his right pocket. A few minutes later, he found another one. He put it in the same pocket,too.The same thing happened for the third, the fourth and the fifth time. He was very happy and told his wife about it. She was very happy, too. She said,“A thief(小偷)stolea lot of coins from a shop a few days ago. The police caught him but they didn’t find any coins.”Then Jimmy went on digging and found some more coins, but just when he began to dig, he felt something cold in his trousers. It ran down one of his legs. He put his hand down quickly ——and the coin came into his hand. Now he knew there was a hole inhis pocket.Jimmy also told me something even funnier about his son, Jack. One day he took his son Jack to a boy's clothing shop. That shop was giving away(赠送)balloons to buyers' children. Jack asked if he might have two balloons.“Sorry,”the salesperson said,“but we give only one balloon to each child. Do you have a brother at home?”Jack was always honest. He didn't tell lies, but he wanted another balloon badly.“No.”he replied regretfully,“but my sister has a brother, and I'd like one for him.”What a lovely boy Jack is!




他说他喜欢在空闲的(spare)时间在他的花园(garden)里种花。一个星期天的早上,吃过早饭后,他穿上(put on)旧衣服,就在花园里开始挖土。他挖啊挖,半个小时后,突然他发现脚边有一枚硬币。他把硬币放进右边的衣服口袋里。几分钟后(a few minutes later),他又发现了另一枚。他还是放入同一个口袋。相同的事情又发生了,第三次、第四次、第五次。他非常高兴,然后告诉了他的妻子。她也很高兴,她说,“几天前有个小偷从一家商店里偷走(steal)好多硬币。警察(the police)抓住(catch)他但没找到硬币。”

然后吉米继续挖(go on digging)。找到了更多的硬币,但就在他开始挖掘时,他感觉有什么凉凉的东西掉进他的裤子里。这个东西顺着他的腿往下滑。他迅速放下手——硬币在他手上了。现在他知道了他的口袋里有个洞(hole)。




35.At Sea in a Small Boat

    People have sailed around the world in quite small boats. It is not an easy thing.Sometimes the weather goes bad. That will be the end of a boat and the end ofeveryone in it.Accidentscan happen easily and quickly.One family had an accident with a bigfish.The fish swam under their boat and bit(咬) holes in it. The water came into the boat, and of course,the boat soon went down. However, these people had another smaller boat——a life-boat(救生艇),and they all got into that. They lived andhopedfor many days. Theywokeandslept,and they always, hoped... At last ashipfound them.How do people live in a very small life-boat? Perhaps far weeks or months. They must be strong in every way. They must have hope——they must want to live. But you cannot eat and drink hope.You cannot drink sea water. Drink a lot of sea water——you will quickly die.Sailors(水手) can drinkrainwater. They must catch rain water in their boat. They must also catch fish and birds for food. Lifeboats do not often carry a cooker,and so the sailors cannot cook their food. Raw(生的) fish and bird-meat is not very nice. But there won't be any choice in a life-boat! The sailors must eat raw food or they will die.What do people think about in a life-boat? They think about land,a warmbeddry clothes, clean water and food.









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